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Subject:    Puerto Rico Refugees

The Holyoke Housing Authority has seen a significant increase in individuals who have fled from Puerto Rico seeking rental units in the surrounding community.

In an effort to help these individuals seeking housing, we are asking that if you have any market rentals available and would like to advertise them you may do so by posting them on the Landlord portal. In the course of the HHA interacting with many of these individuals the HHA staff would be able to refer them to the correct web address and see available units to rent.

We appreciate all the work you do in providing decent, safe and sanitary housing.

Welcome to the Holyoke Housing Authority Landlord Portal.  


Please note:

In the wake of Hurricane Maria

With the devastation in Puerto Rico after the recent hurricane, the City of Holyoke and surrounding communities anticipate many individuals fleeing to find refuge in this area. While you all are key partners in providing decent safe and sanitary housing, one can only hope that working together we can secure shelter for these individuals as they seek housing throughout  our community.


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